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Mark Nedleman

  Personal and Home Business Paperwork and Document Handling
I will help you tame the paperwork nightmare, get a handle on your mail, files and important documents.

I'’ll show you easy-to-use filing systems. Assistance will be provided to develop paperwork reduction strategies, categorization, and the archiving of critical documents.
Space Re-Organization
Bedrooms, closets, kitchens, garages and office spaces define specific functions. 
All too often these places
(or zones) acquire mixture of activities which make them inefficient, cluttered and distracting. 

They are filled with what I call "Space Hogs," sapping precious space and, importantly, your sanity!  Using my expertise, we'’ll work hard at redesigning each of these places and restore them to their full function.

Clients have noticed immediate results in shifting the stuck "energy" that is all too common in cluttered spaces.

Remediating your house and the disorganization creates miracles!
Relocation, Downsizing and Logistical Planning
Whether you are planning a local or long-distance move,
I can help you structure a sane and stress-free relocation strategy. 

Your move will go more smoothly, once we put together the necessary resources. 

Let me add some "groove
to your move!"
  Home and Property Management Services
Are you going on a long vacation? Do you have a second home in need of some house sitting? Do you hesitate to kennel your beloved pets?

My home care and property management services ensure your peace of mind.

You can then feel free to enjoy your time away, whether for work, weekend college or travel, knowing I am "holding down the fort" on the home front.

Light Handyman Tasks
Additionally, I can perform light handyman tasks, including installation of office furniture and Elfa shelving systems, for instance.

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